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The Book of Seekers - Why Elites can't have kids
This is a book filled with info on my kind. Anyone and everyone who isn't one of us that reads this book without the permission of the Elite will be punished.
If anyone knew that an Alpha (Elite) had a kid and the council found out threw them, the council would kill it and sometimes the parent that was the Seeker depending on how big the clan is.
If its a small clan and or its a clan that's dying out, they kill the Seeker. If it's a larger clan they leave the Seeker alive to protect the clan.
They think or maybe more so believe, that if an Alpha has a baby, that they will focus more on the baby than the clan, leaving the clan in danger over even the opposite. The Seeker paying more attention to the clan and the baby would end up being abandoned and die.
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The Book of Seekers -Creation of Hellbringers
This is a book filled with info on my kind. Anyone and everyone who isn't one of us that reads this book without the permission of the Elite will be punished.
 Sometimes Seekers are reincarnated but when they are, they remember nothing of their past, just like most reincarnations. Maybe they find reminders, such as the feeling of being someplace before when they've never been there. That's if all goes well.
If we are killed unfairly, with pure hatred and rage, we can and are likely to turn into what we hate most, a Hellbringer. A Seeker could have been killed and want vengeance. If so, they normally only go after their killer and then they finally can rest. It's some what like a poltergeist. Those Hellbringers are harmless as long as you stay out of their way.
If we die because of a betrayal then we might be come a Hellbringer. All it takes it rage, hate, or angry sorrow during death, and we turn.
Only Elite Seekers that change remain some what human like. The others are like atta
:iconmad-monkey-queen:Mad-Monkey-Queen 2 2
How I see it by Mad-Monkey-Queen How I see it :iconmad-monkey-queen:Mad-Monkey-Queen 4 7
Mature content
The Clan of 1997 -Chapter 3 :iconmad-monkey-queen:Mad-Monkey-Queen 1 9
Demona by Mad-Monkey-Queen Demona :iconmad-monkey-queen:Mad-Monkey-Queen 7 12 Night Strike and Reva by Mad-Monkey-Queen Night Strike and Reva :iconmad-monkey-queen:Mad-Monkey-Queen 2 7 Alright, I'm listening (Update) by Mad-Monkey-Queen Alright, I'm listening (Update) :iconmad-monkey-queen:Mad-Monkey-Queen 1 11 Alright, I'm listening (Finished) by Mad-Monkey-Queen Alright, I'm listening (Finished) :iconmad-monkey-queen:Mad-Monkey-Queen 3 11
The Day the Siren didn't Sing -Chapter 3
 The waves became rather violent with in the few short hours that Demonic had been on the ship.
 Now a few miles away from the Island of Norah, Ligeia was swimming along side the ship but still out of sight. She watched the humans run back and forth up on deck from the sea. She played with her hair nervously as she eyes a few of the best looking men.
  Distraught and hungover, Dominic sat in the innermost parts of the ship, eyes wet with tears. {What have I done? I abandoned my family...} The ship rocked violently, but it didn't phase him. Better this ship be the end of his life then the end of his loyalty and responsibility.
  Eventually the men are screaming up top, and Dominic has no choice but to attend to the doomed crew and its suicidal captain.
  Through the hard rain and wild winds, the crew scrambled to keep the ship stable while the old captain laughed defiantly. "Ah ya damn sea shall take me leg, but you shant take the rest with ya! This captain be old, but won't lie down in
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The Day the Siren didn't Sing -Chapter 2
  As he held the flower up to his face, he breathes in heavily. The smell nearly knocks him out. It's so fragrant and alive. He tried to twirl the flower between his thumb and index finger, but something thin and golden managed to entangle itself around his finger. Looking down he realizes its hair.
  The flower may have distracted him, but he remembered his fear, but he decided to stay for a bit longer. He had to prove that this was the hair of a lady. Not just any lady, but a fair maiden of the water. Plucking the hair from the flower he holds it tight in his fist and slowly dips it in the water. He had heard that the hair of a woman tends to float better than a man's head of hair. If this is truly the hair of a woman, then his suspicions are confirmed.
  He waited a few seconds. One... two...and finally on the third second that golden stand resurfaced. Dominic sat back for a moment. All women on the island are forbidden to swim off the island...but it can't be true...surely it could
:iconmad-monkey-queen:Mad-Monkey-Queen 0 0
The Day the Siren didn't Sing
  Dominic hauls in his fishing net a lot easier this time, and eagerly pours its contents onto the floor of his boat. No such luck. Only a few minnows and refuse. The sea has been unkind to the Islands of Norah, almost like they've been cursed. He sits back and closes his eyes.
  The reason why he has such a bad time with the sea is probably because he is closer to the shore, by a little cave opening at the bottom of a high seaside cliff. A storm was on its way and he didn't want to risk drowning.
  I better call it a day...*he says to himself, grabbing for the oars. Dominic dreams of a larger vessel to charge the seas with. No painstaking labor for his arms. No chance of capsizing so easily. Plus the feel of sea spray on his face along with that rush of air. Dreams can only last in one's mind though...
  Ligeia was still fairly child like at times. She was playing with the dolphins as she swam around chasing them and a few others chasing her. Once swam under her and lifted her up and
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Missing by Mad-Monkey-Queen Missing :iconmad-monkey-queen:Mad-Monkey-Queen 2 0 Sorrowful Fear by Mad-Monkey-Queen Sorrowful Fear :iconmad-monkey-queen:Mad-Monkey-Queen 3 22


Pregnant Flora progression by geckoguy123456789 Pregnant Flora progression :icongeckoguy123456789:geckoguy123456789 408 34 Shikaka When Nature Calls by E-m2 Shikaka When Nature Calls :icone-m2:E-m2 21 5 Breakfast with Team Kakashi by gejimayo Breakfast with Team Kakashi :icongejimayo:gejimayo 6,361 855 Meet Kakashi pg.2 by gejimayo Meet Kakashi pg.2 :icongejimayo:gejimayo 1,102 174
Matryoshka- VOCALOID (Lyrics)
Romaji Lyrics
Kangaesugi no messeiji
Dare ni mo todoku kamo shirenai de
Kitto watashi wa itsudemo sou
Tsugihagi kurutta matoryoshika
Zutsuu ga utau pakkeiji
Itsumade hatte mo hari wa yo-ji
Daremo oshiete kurenaide
Sekai wa sakasa ni mawaridasu
Aa, waresou da
Kioku mo zenbu nagedashite
Aa, shiritai na
Fukaku made
Ano ne,
Motto ippai matte choudai
Karinka? Marinka?
Gen o hajiite
Konna kanjou dou shiyou ka?
Chotto oshiete kurenai ka?
Kandoryoukou 524
Furoito? Keroido?
Ken o hataite
Zenbu zenbu waracchaou ze
Sassato odore baka tamari
Tende youchi na te o tatakou
Wazato kurutta choushi de hora
Kitto watashi wa dou demo ii
Sekai no ondo ga toketeiku
Anata to watashi de randebuu?
Ara ma tondetta abanchuuru?
Ashidori yugande 1-2 1-2
Aa, hakisou da
Watashi no zenbu uketomete
Aa, sono ryoute de
Ano ne,
Chotto kiite yo daiji na koto
Karinka? Marinka?
Hoho o tsunette
Datte datte gaman dekinai no
Motto suteki na koto o shiyou?
Itai itai nante nakanaide
Pareido? Mareido?
Motto hata
:iconotakuforeternity:OtakuForEternity 22 1
Alice Human Sacrifice- VOCALOID
Aru tokoro ni, chiisa na yume ga arimashita.
Dara ga mito no ka wakaranai. Sore wa chiisa na yume deshita.
Chiisa na yume wa omoimashita.
"Kono mama kiete iku no wa iya da.
Dousureba, hito ni boku o mite moraeru darou?"
Chiisa na yume wa kangaete kangaete, soshite tsui ni omoitsukimashita.
"Ningen o jibun no naka ni mayoikomasete, sekai o tsukurasereba ii to."
Ichibanme ARISU wa isamashiku
Ken o katate ni, fushigi no kuni.
Ironna mono o kirisutete
Makka na michi o shiite itta.
Sonna ARISU wa, mori no oku.
Tsumibito no you ni tojikamerarete.
Mori ni dekita michi igai ni,
Kanojo no sei o shiru sube wa nashi.
Nibanme ARISU wa otonashiku.
Uta o utatte, fushigi no kuni.
Ironna oto o afuresasete,
Kurutta sekai o umidashita.
Sonna ARISU wa, bara no hana.
Ikareta otoko ni uchikorosarete.
Makka no hana o ichirin sasake,
Minna ni mederare karete yuku.
Sanbanme ARISU wa osanai ko.
Kirei na sugata de, fushigi no kuni.
Ironna hito o madowasete.
Okashi na kuni o tsukuriageta.
Sonna ARISU wa,
:iconotakuforeternity:OtakuForEternity 41 3
Alluring Secret ~Black Vow~ -Miku, Rin, and Len
hane otoshita datenshi wa
kegareta chigiri ni mi o yudane te
aishi atta kako de sae mo
sono te de keshi satte shimatta no
kizu tsuita maigo no tenshi
yūgure no machi samayoi
kirei na hitomi o motta
hitori no shoujo to deau
me ga atta sono shunkan ni
koi ni ochita aware na tenshi wa
yurusare nai omoi tsunoru mama
kinki no hako o aketa
motometa mono wa egao no ura ni kakusareta
kindan no kajitsu
hito to tenshi yurusare nai koi kanaeru tame ni
subete o kowasu dake
kegare nai kokoro sute te
kimi o aishi te iki rareru nara
kono hane sae kiri sute te
akuma ni mi o yudane te shimaō
shikkoku ni somaru hanayome
sei naru chikai no basho de
hakanai hitomi de warau
fushigi na shounen to deau
me ga atta sono shunkan ni
koi ni ochita aware na shoujo wa
yurusare nai omoi tsunoru mama
subete o uragitta
te ni ireta nowa kono te no naka
kogare tsuzuketa yokubou no kajitsu
motome atte ubai au netsu
kiyoraka naru chikai sae mo
okashi te iku
tsunagi atta kako o subete
konagona ni keshi sat
:iconotakuforeternity:OtakuForEternity 29 5
Tangled Affections by SEGAmastergirl Tangled Affections :iconsegamastergirl:SEGAmastergirl 374 25 Lovely Day by SEGAmastergirl Lovely Day :iconsegamastergirl:SEGAmastergirl 213 27 Luca by Tartii Luca :icontartii:Tartii 138 3 Tartii VHS by Tartii Tartii VHS :icontartii:Tartii 166 19 Shane by DJ88 Shane :icondj88:DJ88 520 37 Elendil by DJ88 Elendil :icondj88:DJ88 555 114
TMNT- Unexpected Mother - Part 1
TMNT - Unexpected Mother-Part 1
(TMNT Based more on 2003 version) April is 24 and the turtles are 19.


The lair laid in silence, cold and damp in the early morning.
April promising to show up, to see what Donnie wanted to show her, she rushed across the lair towards the lab doors.
Shivering, she held her sweater tighter against herself, she knew that the turtles were resilient towards the cold, odd as it was; this was a bit too chilly.
Reaching the door, within she could hear the chattering of the guys talking and laughing, by the sounds of it, all of them were up, which was unusual for Raph and Mikey, for April knew all to well they weren’t the early risers.
Turning the handle she opened the door, there inside all the lights were on, blinding a bit at first, considering the rest of the lair was dark, she blinked, letting her eyes adjust.
“April!” Mi
:iconsampsonknight:sampsonknight 76 37
X-23 inked by jefterleite X-23 inked :iconjefterleite:jefterleite 89 12 X-23 by Omar Dogan by hierojux X-23 by Omar Dogan :iconhierojux:hierojux 408 24


This is an RP I made today on Ovipets. Give it a read and if enough people like it, I'll make it into a book.




[b] [c] The Day the Siren didn't Sing [/b] [/c]

 "Your eyes, they ... they are so kind and brave. You aren't a no good love sick sailor that see us as a way to make money and something to sleep with. You're not like the others I've seen before. You look human but ... I don't think you are."

 Sirens use their songs to trick men into coming to them in the water. They do it for many reasons but this time of year its to breed. Normally a Siren would kill their human lover after matting with them, however, something is different this time.
 A young Siren, the only Siren seen on the Islands of Norah in years and maybe the only one left in the region or existence sang her song one stormy night. For some reason her song wasn't as effective on you as it was on the others. You were about to drown after being pulled down under the water by this fair young Siren when she looked into your eyes and froze up. You froze as well as you looked into her eyes. It was like time had stopped. You just stared at one another for a while and then ... she let you go so that you could go back for air.
 What will happen now?



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-Toilet paper at school bathrooms. (They fall apart when you wipe. -.- )
-Pumpkin pie


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