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This is an RP I made today on Ovipets. Give it a read and if enough people like it, I'll make it into a book.




[b] [c] The Day the Siren didn't Sing [/b] [/c]

 "Your eyes, they ... they are so kind and brave. You aren't a no good love sick sailor that see us as a way to make money and something to sleep with. You're not like the others I've seen before. You look human but ... I don't think you are."

 Sirens use their songs to trick men into coming to them in the water. They do it for many reasons but this time of year its to breed. Normally a Siren would kill their human lover after matting with them, however, something is different this time.
 A young Siren, the only Siren seen on the Islands of Norah in years and maybe the only one left in the region or existence sang her song one stormy night. For some reason her song wasn't as effective on you as it was on the others. You were about to drown after being pulled down under the water by this fair young Siren when she looked into your eyes and froze up. You froze as well as you looked into her eyes. It was like time had stopped. You just stared at one another for a while and then ... she let you go so that you could go back for air.
 What will happen now?



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United States
Things you should know about little old me. ^-^

-I'm dyslexic
-I have a good sense of humor
-I have a dad, a mom, an older sister, and a younger brother
-I tend to fan girl ... a lot. 0.o



Actors and Actresses! :D
-Billie Piper
-Davit Tennant
-Hugh Jackman
-Tom Huddleston
-My sister. ^-^

Can't stand/HATES!!! D :<

-Justin Bieber
-Miley Cyrus
-Toilet paper at school bathrooms. (They fall apart when you wipe. -.- )
-Pumpkin pie

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