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  Dominic hauls in his fishing net a lot easier this time, and eagerly pours its contents onto the floor of his boat. No such luck. Only a few minnows and refuse. The sea has been unkind to the Islands of Norah, almost like they've been cursed. He sits back and closes his eyes.
  The reason why he has such a bad time with the sea is probably because he is closer to the shore, by a little cave opening at the bottom of a high seaside cliff. A storm was on its way and he didn't want to risk drowning.
  I better call it a day...*he says to himself, grabbing for the oars. Dominic dreams of a larger vessel to charge the seas with. No painstaking labor for his arms. No chance of capsizing so easily. Plus the feel of sea spray on his face along with that rush of air. Dreams can only last in one's mind though...

  Ligeia was still fairly child like at times. She was playing with the dolphins as she swam around chasing them and a few others chasing her. Once swam under her and lifted her up and jumped up into the air. She giggled and kissed the large smooth creatures back.

  Dominic nearly forgot to lift the anchor this time and remembered at the last second. {Damn, I have to be more careful...}
  Rowing while in anchor is a waste of arm work. That is what his father always told him. The anchor was even more pitiful than this tiny boat, but Dominic would settle for anything to be on the sea. He was a natural born sailor, all children who grow up on Norah islands usually end up that way.
  Dominic loves the sea so much, he'd gladly take a ship from the bay, but there is one thing holding him back. Rosa...his baby sister. This is why Dominic was so eager with the fishing net and careless with the anchor. Usually a man like himself on normal occasions would be more precise with these types of things, because it of their profession, but a lack of food troubles his mind. If only there were something that would remove such troubles...

  Something swam under Dominic's boat. It was a pod of dolphin but one looked very different from the others. It's tail was longer and thinner and as for the color, it was just a blur. It might have been green, or blue, or even gray. It was to fast to really tell.

  Dominic was so surprised that the anchor dropped out of his hands and plopped back into the sea. The small tug on the boat indicated it went back to the bottom. That wasn't his worry though. His worry was the dolphins. The last thing he wanted was to capsize, but what worries him more was the one faster than the others. Dolphins don't just rush by that quickly and last time he checked...they didn't have scales either.
  He sat awhile longer, trying to convince himself that the sea-air was getting to him. He is familiar with the hallucinations, so he sticks with that explanation and tows in the anchor once more.

 If you listened very closely, you could hear the faint laughter of a girl mixed in with the playful squeaks of the dolphins. There was all kinds of splashing going on. For a split second, you might have been able to see a pale webbed human like hand pop up out of the water. But, that was impossible.

  Freezing once more, his eyes go wide. {What the hell was that?!?} Thinking back to the legends and tales he heard over the years from childhood he could only pinpoint it to one thing..."Sirens!" cried an old man inside a bar. "Sirens! By the bay! Took the ship down with 'em! They took ya father!" That memory was plastered in his mind.
  His mother and anyone considered sane just perceived it as another drunk captain at the wheel. Many believe that that the locals have severe drinking problems, especially sea goers. Some say it is to cope with the stress and horrors they've seen out there. Now that Dominic is experiencing this in the flesh, he has no doubts as to what that crazy old man was blathering about that day.
  Quickly, Dominic pulled the anchor onto the boat and fearfully tried to row. If anyone saw him saw they'd be laughing, thinking he was a silly child listening to fairy tales, but superstition is branded upon anyone who has sailed the vast waters.

  A long shining tail covered in purples, blues and greens pops out of the water. One of the dolphins swam past the boat and swam right up to the creature. In a blink of an eye, they vanished into the water, leaving nothing behind. Or ... was there? Perhaps something was left behind or ... maybe even forgotten?
  Floating in the water was a flower that could only be found in underwater caves on the island of Norah. There use to be a sestet tunnel that lead to one of the caves without having to dive underwater to get to it. However, the tunnel collapsed, leaving no way in or out for anything that couldn't swim of hold its breath for more than 40 seconds.
  Even if someone couldn't hold their breath that long they wouldn't be able to get their without having to deal with a maze of corral.

  He rowed and rowed, but a sudden flash with a finish of a rising puffy shape caught his eye. Looking he saw there, in the water, a blossom that he had never seen before. Paused for probably the last time, just to gently dip his hand into the water, and feel the cold petals caress against his fingers. The smell was intoxicating, he couldn't help but to take a small breath of it.

  It was pink with plum dots on the petals. The center was white and the flower itself was very strong, making it invincible against the ocean's rough waves.
  About a half mile away, Ligeia bobbed up and down in the waves, watch Dominic. She palace a hand on her head and looked over at the flower floating in the salty water. The flower she had in her hair was gone and there was no chance of getting it back.
The Day the Siren didn't Sing
Mad-Monkey-Queen (me) As Ligeia
Zephera As Dominic

Don't think I mentioned this buuuuut, this was pretty much my friend Zephera and myself testing out a story idea I have for a book by roleplaying it. When and if I even write the real book out and finish it depends on what people have to say about it. Bunny Emoji-83 (Oh you) [V5]

See? I'm workin on it! --->  Repairman Fella  

This is an RP I made today on Ovipets. Give it a read and if enough people like it, I'll make it into a book.




[b] [c] The Day the Siren didn't Sing [/b] [/c]

 "Your eyes, they ... they are so kind and brave. You aren't a no good love sick sailor that see us as a way to make money and something to sleep with. You're not like the others I've seen before. You look human but ... I don't think you are."

 Sirens use their songs to trick men into coming to them in the water. They do it for many reasons but this time of year its to breed. Normally a Siren would kill their human lover after matting with them, however, something is different this time.
 A young Siren, the only Siren seen on the Islands of Norah in years and maybe the only one left in the region or existence sang her song one stormy night. For some reason her song wasn't as effective on you as it was on the others. You were about to drown after being pulled down under the water by this fair young Siren when she looked into your eyes and froze up. You froze as well as you looked into her eyes. It was like time had stopped. You just stared at one another for a while and then ... she let you go so that you could go back for air.
 What will happen now?



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